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The Toronto Trip page 2

On our first day we went to the CN tower after we checked in and had lunch.

This is me by the Christmas tree in the lobby.

This is the CN tower as seen from a few blocks away.

This is the view from the CN tower

This is me on the glass floor staring down at Toronto

After the CN tower we went to see the Air Canada center, home of the Toronto maple leafs. In the photo from left to right is: Me, Rich, Johnny, and John.

After seeing the ACC we went back to our hotel room for some much needed sleep. About 5:30pm we got up to go to the beer store. Now maybe it's just me, but the cabby’s in Toronto are all Middle Eastern and crazy. Me, Rich, and Katie all got in a cab to go to the beer store. There was this weird Indian music and everything. The cabbie wasn't too talkative. So Rich decided to break the ice. The conversation went like this:

Rich: So, is this Indian music?
Cabbie: yes
Rich: I was in India once
Cabbie: I am from Pakistan
The scary silence ensues once again, this time with a menacing awkwardness.

After cutting off about 100 cars within a 10 block distance we arrive back at our hotel alive... somehow. Anyhow, we were dropped off on the wrong side off the street. We paid the cabbie and gave a tip (for arguably the best cab ride ever! Despite the near death experiences)and then the cabbie pulled a huge U-turn in the middle of downtown Toronto at 6pm to drop us off at the door! A car had to slam on its brakes to avoid hitting us.

This is me, Rich, and Johnny having a hotdog from the hotdog vendor outside our hotel. Richie was really obsessed with these hotdogs. So we had some after a few beers. They were the best hotdogs ever. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. John was taking the picture because he opted out of the hotdog vendor experience.

Here is Richie eating one of his dogs

After the hotdog vendor experience we decided to find a pub, have some pub food and beer. This picture is off "times square" as we were on the pub hunt.

This is John and Katie at the pub we found

Left to right: Rich, Me, and John at the pub

This is an amazing picture that Richie took of a glass of beer.

After the pub we had to chill the beer. The wine chiller doesn't hold enough ice for four strapping young men and a lady. So we had to fill the garbage can with ice as well.

After having a few more beer me, John, and Katie headed down to the hotel bar. There were a couple really good guys dancing... and him! There was a guy there, previously dubbed "him", who was about 50 years old, tall, white, skinny, and wearing a dress shirt, tie and pants who was dancing really bad. I can't even describe how bad his dancing was. Everyone was laughing at him as he had the worst moves ever. He even did a spinning propeller 360-body turn arm flail move. When the song Rasputin came on he was doing the crossed armed Russian dance thing. Katie told me that he was drenched in sweat. I never noticed it until she told me, but his shirt was completely covered in sweat, completely. No exaggeration. We actually thought about calling Johnny and Richie down to see this awful display of dancing that was so hypnotically entertaining.

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