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Our Trip to Toronto Day2

I showed a pic like this earlier, but by now we found out that there's a strip bar a few doors to the right, increasing the smuttiness.

Our first stop of the day is the hockey hall of fame. This is a pic of an old ref jersey.

Old hockey gloves

A Wayne Gretzky exhibit commemorating his 802nd goal in the NHL.

Me at the accuracy contest. You got 8 shots to hit 8 targets. Between the four of us we went 2 for 40. The second time around I think the five of us went 5 for 48.

This is us playing trivia. There were 8 questions. Each station had a pop can next to it, and the kind of pop at your station became your player name. For example mine player name was 7up because I had a 7up can stuck to my station. Anyhow, we all played against each other in real time. After the 6th question we noticed a fifth player had scored points, someone named Pepsi. We were all "what the hell? Who's Pepsi?!? There are only four gaming stations." After a while we looked up to see four more gaming stations right across from us... and there was a guy who was playing with us the whole time, but just sucked. John aka Brisk won the game.

This is us sitting in the re-make of the habs locker room.

Australian hockey jersey

This is us with the cup!... well a cup anyway

Game Time! This is Rich and Johnny

Me and Richie

Me and Johnny... the ying and the yang. For that reason Richie sat between us.

The view from our seats

The players hit the ice!

Richie took this pic. There was a baby dressed in a maple leafs jersey sitting beside Johnny during the game. The baby was really quiet. It slept through a lot of the game!

Here's the beer they had. All Molson Canadian, and all $12.50 a shot

After the game we hit up a local upscale bar for a drink. The place was so fancy that the waitress took our bill and said "Merci beaucoup". The beer was reasonably priced, and there was a lot of import beer to choose from. After the bar we headed to bed for our last day in TO.

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