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Shawn and Catherine's Wedding

Okay folks. Here are the pics from Shawn and Catherine's wedding. All pics are used with the permission of the married couple under the condition that none make Shawn look like an idiot.
I also apologize in advance if you came looking for pics of the Church and the actual ceremony. I was part of the ceremony and could only take before, after, and reception pics.

Yours truly before the wedding. I was Shawn's best man

Before the wedding at my house. Left to right: A guy with a Bowtie, Shawn, Shawn, Me, and Sarah. I apologize that I forget the Bowtie guy’s name, but I do forget it. There is also no typo with the 2 Shawns. Both are called Shawn which I'm sure will lead to confusion as you read on.

Shawn and Catherine the happy married couple

The Fogartys! Left to right: Steve (Papa), Shawn (Baby), Catherine, and Darlene (Mama)

Shawn, Catherine, and Shelly. Shawn gave away Catherine in lieu of her parents. Shelly was Catherine's bridesmaid

Shawn and another guy whose name I forget... actually I don't think we were introduced.

The wedding cake

Shawn's friends at Ming’s

The head table

Time to cut the cake

Time to serve the cake. The guy in the back goes by the alias Dr. Fogarty.

They decide to feed each other cake in the old tradition.

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