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The Stag Party!

These are all pics from our limo ride. You are allowed to drink in the limo because police don't usually pull them over. The pics are self explanatory... I hope

Back from the limo... The world as seen with beer googles

The world as seen with Shawn-O-Vision

John and Shawn

Group Photo

Shawn still going strong

Richie was quoted as saying "Get a picture of this. I'm going to demolish this banana." So I took his picture.

Richie also wanted the "demolished" banana shown to the world... he claims to have no recollection of this event involving the banana

Shawn gets himself some pussy :p

The cat loves Shawn apparently

John looking up the number for a cab

Shawn prefers to use the bushes as opposed to the toilet

Are we ever in shape to go to the bar... Shawn is completely trashed, John looks like he's had a few, and Richie doesn't even know what's going on. All I have to say is that I'm glad I was the camera man at this junction of the evening.

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