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My New Car!!!!

As many of you know I purchased a new automobile in September of 2007 and delivered in late October 2007. Something about them losing keys at the Montreal port delayed delivery time... in the meantime they gave me a car with unlimited mileage to drive around at no charge until my new one came in. Yay!

Well when the car finally came in I had to get a license and registration for it. Imagine the shock on my face when I found out that the province of Nova Scotia requires you to both license and register your car! Anyhow, like many other facets of my life I filmed this...

This is my official license plate as granted to me by the province of Nova Scotia :o)

Me taking the plastic promo plate off... I'm sure if you saw me driving you would not be calling Hillcrest for a car.

This is me getting the plate lined up with the pilot holes... this is tougher than it looks.

I forgot to line up the promo plate at the same time. I thought it was tough the first time, now I have two independent moving things to line up... lesson to all the kids watching, you can cut the work in half by doing it right the first time.

After many hours of struggle, or at least 5 minutes, the plate is finally lined up and being screwed in!

TA-DA! You know that feeling of accomplishment you get when you finish a project and you do it right, I had that feeling.

My temporary license/registration

No... I am not breaking into my own car... I just forgot to put the screwdriver down after the plate installation. I'm forgetful like that.

Peeling off the temp registration/license for good!

RIIIIPPPPPPPP!!!!! Now I just have to look forward to all the maintenance costs!

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