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Trip to John's Cottage

Ritchie "roughing" it.

CC playing with the dinner plates.

There is a disappointing amount of root beer still in the fridge the next day.

There were lots of toys from when John and his sisters were kids... so Ritchie and I played with them. This is my house car.

Riches' car

What's left of last nights' fire

Off to play golf... the sign of a great course is when the clubhouse is a trailer with a sign taped to a rusty trashcan.

Ritchie ready to golf.

The driving range we are at.

Ritchie takes aim.

Would you trust him with a club?

John won't trust him after this.

Me at the range.

The first hole.

ok... this is the first "green"

CC could be staring in a root beer ad.

The guys after a few holes.

Ritchie plays left and ergo had to rent clubs. The first time Ritchie used his 5 wood the head flew of the shaft. This is Ritchie proudly showing the results of his strength or shoddy clubs or both.

The shaft from Riches' 5 wood.

Yes... this is a "green"

Ritchie looking for his ball in the grass. Look out for snakes and hornets nests.

Putting on the "green"

Finishing up at golf... we lost so many balls that 2 of us actually had to stop playing.

Meet the members of the next team Canada of Ultimate Frisbee!!! Yeah, right :p

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