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Making Boob Jello

Here is my guide to making Jello in the shape of boobs. It all started when Shawn got married. I made him boob Jello before and he was absolutely disgusted, so why not do it again for his Stag party? So this is a guide into my adventures of making boob Jello...

This is the Guide I used... trust me, Jello is more complicated than you might think.

Here in the Jello Bible we learn the ancient secrets of Bill Cosby and the Jello masters.

This is the mold we will be using. One mold with 6 sets of boobs. You can also choose the single large set. Whichever you prefer and/or your local Adult store sells.

The measuring cups we need

The Jello we will be using

Our water heating up

Our bowl ready to go

The powder in the bowl

Boil Boil Toil and Trouble

Adding the boiling water

Stir until all the powder is dissolved or you'll get an icky skin

Cold water ready to be added

Adding the cold water

Grease the mold! These cheap things are not non-stick! Imagine that, you can't buy a non-stick boob pan!

Me pouring the jello into the mold. Notice the paper towel to absorb any spilled Jello.

The end result... As it turns out boob Jello doesn't travel long distances well. So this is the cake I decided to make for Shawn's stag party. Luckily Boob cakes do travel long distances well.

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